Solar Attic Fan

Commerical and Residential Specialist.
Radiant heat and moisture build up are an attic’s worst enemy, working together to cause a variety of problems for your home.    In many cases passive ventilation is simply inadequate in controlling these elements, resulting in high electricity bills and accelerated deterioration of building materials over time.

Infinity Solar residential solar powered ventilation products provide a cost effective solution to this problem by continuously removing heat and moisture build up throughout the day.    Complementing existing attic insulation, our solar attic fans actively remove hot air and humidity to reduce the attic temperature.    Minimizing attic temperatures will increase the overall efficiency of your attic insulation and reduce the amount of heat transferred into your home.    The result is a more comfortable home which requires less energy to cool.    Best of all, Infinity Solar products operate at absolutely no cost, cooling your home using only solar power.

Reduces cooling costs by minimizing the heat load on air conditioning equipment. Works to eliminate mold and humidity by actively removing moisture build up.
Lowers attic temperatures resulting in a more comfortable home. Helps to prevent ice damming problems in colder climates.
Environmentally friendly solar-powered design, without need for electricity. Federal tax credit available, as well as state and local incentives in certain areas.

Setting the Standard for Performance

Infinity Solar Attic Fan ventilation products are unmatched in quality and performance. Designed for greater cooling capacity and durability than competitive products, Infinity Solar Attic Fans deliver up to 1550 CFM of cooling performance, more than any residential solar powered attic fan available.

What makes Infinity Solar Attic Fan the best?

  • All metal vent housing construction manufactured using
    corrosion resistant zincalume alloy.
  • Industrial grade monocrystalline solar panels with impact
    resistant high-strength tempered glass.
  • Stainless steel brackets and hardware throughout for long lasting performance.
  • Whisper quiet 14” aluminum fan blade with proprietary UltraFlo design technology.
  • Models available with heavy duty powder coated finish,
    in your choice of black, brown, or gray.
  • Thermal switch included at no additional charge.
  • More mounting, bracket, and color options available than any competitive product.

How Much Ventilation Do I Need?

Many variables must be considered when sizing solar attic fans for a given residential application. The shape and size of the attic, roof pitch, available air intake vents, and even roof color all play an important role in calculating the amount of ventilation needed. Using the attic space area of your home and roof pitch may be used to provide an estimate of the number of Infinity Solar Aattic Fans required. Please see us for additional assistance in determining the proper solar attic fan(s) and amount of ventilation needed for your specific needs.

AB- 254A Solar Attic Fan (Pivot Mount - Black Finish)